December 7, 2023

Fascinating differences between British schools and Schools Abroad

Fascinating differences between British schools and Schools Abroad

The British schools and British curriculum are considered as point of focus for the world because they provide practical knowledge and they prepare students for the practical life. Due to the popularity of British schools, you can easily find British international school Dubai UAE. There are many best British curriculum school in Dubai so you can choose anyone of them for your child. But there are a lot of differences between British schools and schools abroad. Some of the differences have been given in this article. This article will also help you to understand that why you should choose British schools over other schools.

British school students wear uniform:

This is one of the most remarkable difference between British schools and school abroad as in British schools the students are asked to wear to uniform. The traditional schools usually have the old traditional dress code such as blazers and tie. It also creates the sense of equality among students. In modern schools, the dress code is usually modern and the students have to wear polo shirt or sweatshirt.

Everything is provided to you in school:

The best part about the British schools is that all of the things are provided in these schools. There students can find stationary shop, brightly colored exercise books and textbooks. The students are supposed to bring their school bags and pens and rest of the textbooks and exercise books are being provided by these schools. However, in other schools, the students have to bring their textbooks, which increases the burden of their school bags. As the students in the British schools uses same uniform and same text books so it creates a sense of homogenous among students.

Students of age 5 can go to school:

The semi formal education for children usually starts at the age of 5 years but this is not a traditional type of learning which includes textbooks and other study material. But in this type of learning, the students are being taught with the help of colors and white boards. The students are being taught practically and they are being taught several activities which will be helpful for their daily life such as road crossing.

The school lasts from 9 am to 3 pm:

The timings of schools matter a lot because there must be enough time for students to continue other activities of their lives. But British schools provide relaxation in this matter as these open at 9 am, and then close at 3 pm. These schools also offer lunch break of 1-2 hours.