December 7, 2023
Types of photo frames

From capturing vacation photos at a beach and placing them at a coffee table to framing your perfect sunset photography shot, frames have been there for us providing us with something to look back at. But to make sure that our frames coordinate with the decor we must know the types of frames available in photo frames shops in Dubai so that we don’t get confused while picking one:

  • Metal frames

Metal frames are that one thing which can go with just about anything. They are the basic, modern, durable and versatile frame that can effortlessly look good with every type of decor. There are different colours in metal frame available ranging from silver to brass and chrome to copper which can enhance the look of any picture and is probably the safest choice to choose when you don’t understand anything else.

  • Wooden frames

This is another classic frame which we see being used excessively in homes and offices to coordinate with the furniture. Wooden frames come in all sorts of carvings and its mesmerizing to look at. The best part about wooden frames is that they can be easily changed with different pictures and can also be places in different settings. A wooden frame sitting at the coffee table or the study desk can also be hung on the wall by changing the setting from the back of the frame.

  • Glass frames

This is probably one of the chicest frames which glass shop in Dubai has been producing. They give the perfect modern look to the house with its crystal look and straight lines that somehow represents a minimalistic look. Glass frames are used in corporate places because of its high maintenance and fragility, people tend to differ from them but those who do choose it for their place are surely mesmerized by its beautiful look.

  • Digital frame

Just like the way technology has replaces everything, it has also managed to replace photo frames with digital one. It is a screen which is attached to the wall which circulates a series of pictures set in it. They are sort of a mini computer screen whose function is to switch pictures. This one is not used for the aesthetic purposes but do manage to look good with a series of beautiful pictures.