Why are people against going on rent?

Why are people against going on rent?

There are many people who are in favor of getting the Damac hills villas for rent but then they have to pay monthly there. You need to be careful in getting the right pace according to the needs of your family because sometimes you will get the place which is not suitable for a family and then you have to live there for the time which you have contracted with them. This is one of the reasons which for which people go to the apartment for sale in Downtown Dubai as they want to get the property for their own. Here are a few things for which people will try to get their own houses instead of getting on rent:

When you have a house on rent then there is a main problem is that you cannot do any kind of changes in your house because you do not own the place and if you want to do any changes like wall paint something else then you have to first take the permission and when you leave that house then you cannot demand the amount which you invest on that because you have done that for your choice so that money will be wasted when you leave that place and change your house.

Another problem is that you have to wasted your money which you paid in the name of rent because you will not get anything in return of that and also it will not make that house your own. On the other hand when you get a house on installment and you pay that amount then it will make that house your own so the people who are on rent will not get anything in return of that paid amount, they just get the place to live for the time being.

When you are getting a new house on rent after searching for a lower rent then you will be paying higher rent after sometime because the owner may try to increase the rent after few months. In some countries there will be an increase in rent every year so you will be end up paying more than what you anticipated and then you have to pay that increased rent too as you have signed the contract for that house. Take care of these things before renting.