Is robotics the future?

Is robotics the future?

Whether we talk about robotics or robots, we all have pretty much seen them in movies or series. These are huge humanoid creatures in the body of a metal being controlled by a chip and performing the action they are coded to. But the question is, are robots real? Well you might be surprised but yes, robots do exist just not how we see them. They perform the work that was originally given to humans, such as amazon replacing its packaging center with robots. They are easier to deal with, can carry more weight and finish the task right on time. One may wonder how are robots able to finish the work so efficiently?

Unlike the human body, robots are designed to do a particular task. Their body design is perfectly inclined with the work they would have to do. Not only that but robots have sensors all around their body, to warn if the robot is overheating or is going in the wrong direction, just to save them from all of the mishaps. Their minds that we usually refer to as CPU – are coded to perform the task. The coding mostly consists of if/then responses to help them stay on track and make decisions.

A simple way to explain this would be that If there is a box then pick it up and move in the specified direction to deliver to its destination.

Where are robots being used right now?

Robotics in Dubai is also no joke. There is a cafe known as RoboCafe in which the order is taken by a robot, then the order is delivered to the counter, where there is another robot which prepares the order for you. It is a really nice gesture especially in the deadly times of COVID-19. It made social distancing a lot easier and added much more enjoyment to the experience.

Robots in Singapore are on a totally different level. There is a museum known as the National Gallery museum, instead of being a human guide to show you around the museum and tell you the history facts there is a cute robot. It gives you a physical tour for about 20 minutes – a really great chance to experience both the history and the upcoming future.

Robotics is a vast topic and if you want to know more about it, check out here.