Happy Kids, Inc: The Most Fabulous Posts of 2013
Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Most Fabulous Posts of 2013

I had a lot of fun putting this post together.  It was great to thoughtfully go back through my posts from 2013 and make a compilation of my most fabulous posts.  Some of them were ones that had high page views; some had numerous comments, inviting good conversation.  Others were prominent on social media. Hopefully you catch one you might have missed this past year.

2013 Best Blog Posts

 1.  Are You A Cocktail Snob?  My affinity for Lime-A-Rita and refusal to drink from red solo cups.

2.  Hooray For Boy Bands!  Living vicariously through my daughter and her L-O-V-E for One Direction.

3.  Let's Tailgate With Buffalo Chicken Dip.  The Superbowl is just around the corner and this is an easy, perfect dish.

4.  Oh-So-Healthy Bread Crumbs.  My take on homemade, healthy bread crumbs involving no bread whatsoever.

5.  Mama Needs A Skinny Raspberry Lemon Drop.  My martini obsession continues with this delicious concoction.

6.  Eco-Friendly Wasp Spray.  Ridiculously easy way to make homemade wasp spray.

7.  Sweet Potato Pancakes.  Rich, fluffy, and added health benefits from sweet potatoes.

8.  Must Have Blog Resource:  HTML Tricks.  Super easy ways to make blogging more effective.

9.  Homemade Chicken Nuggets.  Ditch the Foster Farms and give these a try.

10.  Must Have Blog Resource:  Google Plus.  There's lot to know about the power of Google Plus; this help break it down.

11.  Let's Table The Soccer Snacks.  My little soapbox on easing off on snacks and instilling reasonable and healthy eating habits.

12.   5 Minute Mom Make-Up.  Fabulous products to make you look painlessly put together.

13.   Fluffy Homemade Rolls.  My most popular recipe last year.

14.  Natural Approaches To Ear Infections.  Don't be a pill popper, try this first.

15.  Homemade Granola.  So easy....save some serious cash and make yours at home.

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  1. Thanks for the recap Meg. I did miss out on a couple of these. Now I can catch up!

  2. Thanks, Ida! You are so sweet. I love to share old blog posts....even I sometimes like to re-read ones that were helpful!


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