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Monday, October 27, 2014

You Might Be A Blogger If......

By Meg Hodson

1.  You're awake and blogging at the same time your posts go live.  Yep, most of those posts do go live by bloggers in the wee hours of the morning. And it's true, us bloggers are working hard in those wee hours sometimes.

2. You take a lot of photos where people usually don't. When I whip out my phone to snap a photo at a grocery store or Costco, I am pretty sure I am the only one doing it. Sometimes said photo goes straight to Instagram, some are research for a blog post.

3. Everything needs a hashtag. Not a social media post goes by you without a hashtag. You may even be known for speaking out loud with hashtags. You always know what hashtag brands use. For you, #selfie is not only a hashtag, it's a way of life. 

4. Can I take pictures here? You are quick to ask if you are allowed to take photos in a given place.

5. You have an alarm set on your phone to 2:30 pm. Why? Because that natural, mid-day light is perfect for photographing food and other items for blog posts.

6. You know what the hashtag #HappyMailDay means. You love those days when your mailbox is overflowing with samples. 

7. You're not sure of the exact number of social media profiles you have. You have a pretty good idea, but the exact number.....nobody knows! I might have signed up for StumbleUpon? What is again?

8. Where's the wifi? Although a wifi connection is important for a lot of people these days, it's even more crucial for bloggers. I've got to publish that post! I must tweet! I need to edit a photo in PicMonkey!

9. You've been known to stand on counters. Or lean out windows a little too far. Or set up props in your front yard. All in the name of the perfect photo. 

10. You write.....a lot. Note taking is elevated to a whole new level. You scribble down quotes you hear on t.v.  Any topic that makes your eyes roll might become a blog post. You have a constant need to document.....and you wouldn't have it any other way.

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Keeping Kids Safe On The Soccer Field

By Meg Hodson
With all three of my children now more involved in sports, our lives are busy with soccer games, t-ball, baseball, and more. While we haven't entered the "football realm" yet, injuries and safety are definitely a concern for me. My daughter (age 10) plays for a club soccer team; the competition is getting fierce....and I love it! The play is fast, a bit rough, very competitive. This is exciting to watch, but, of course, can cause worry for parents.

Kids Soccer Supplemental Insurance Aflac

Kids Girls Soccer Safety Supplemental Insurance Aflac

So, how do I prepare my daughter to stay as safe as possible on the soccer field? One thing I have told her is to listen to her body. I have always said that you are your own best doctor, you know when something is not right. I encourage my daughter to play hard, but to know when she might need medical attention.

Although rules can be hard to follow, it's important to abide by them in sports. My daughter plays hard and, of course, accidents and run-ins with other players will happen. But if she is ultimately keeping the rules in mind, she will most likely suffer less injuries. 

But accidents do happen, as much as we plan and prepare. When a covered accident happens, supplemental accident insurance pays the policyholder cash benefits for the unexpected medical and everyday expenses that begin to add up almost immediately. As my daughter gets older, more competitive, and continues to play at a club level in soccer, the reality is supplemental insurance is something my family should consider having. Supplemental insurance from Aflac (yep, the cute, funny duck!) could help cover these and other expenses that may not be fully covered by your major medical insurance: broken teeth, concussions, ambulance, emergency room visits, and lacerations. I had no idea that the average cost of a broken leg is $10,000. Yikes! 

Aflac Football Campaign

Aflac's voluntary insurance programs are available in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The cash benefits can assist in covering unexpected costs associated with a serious illness or injury.

Aflac is in a season-long football campaign. Are you the ultimate college football fan? If so, Aflac has a fantastic giveaway going on right now, the #AflacSweeps! Three lucky fans will win 
a trip for two, a pair of tickets to one of three college football games in November, a chance to meet 
Desmond Howard and more. Enter once per 24 hours on Facebook; for bonus entries, share on Twitter. Enter today and then spread the word to let your friends know it’s #GameOn!

Each prize package includes:

• Two tickets to the biggest college football game of the weekend.
• Meet & greet with Desmond Howard.
• Round trip airfare.
• Hotel accommodations.
• Ground transportation to and from events.
• $500 prepaid debit card for food and other expenses.

CONSUMER NOTICE: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY LAW. Open to legal permanent residents of 50 U.S. states and DC, 21 or older, who have Internet access and valid email address prior to 08/28/14. To enter and for Official Rules, including odds and prize descriptions, click here: This sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook or Twitter. For a winner's list (after 11/10/14), visit the Ultimate College Football Experience tab of this page or mail request to Aflac "Ultimate College Football Experience" (Specify Winner List), Media Relations, 1932 Wynnton Road, Columbus, GA 31999. Sponsor: American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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